Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness at Briar Vista

Briar Vista is committed to a healthy and balanced environment for our children. From healthy food, to exercise, to clean products we are dedicated to a spirit of wellness. Here are just a few websites that we recommend. Want to get in on the conversation? Email us with suggestions at any time!

Physical Activiy in the Classroom

Physical Activities Research
  • Go Noodle

Ideas from the Go Noodle team for movement during recess or breaks

  • Go Noodle App

For use in the classroom

  • Spark Life

Powering Your Brain Through Exercise

  • ABC For Fitness

Three ten minute bursts of activity throughout the day

  • Fuel Up to Play

  • Study showing links between increased physical activity and better brain function (i.e. learning!)

  • Ways to increase physical activity in children

  • More research on how important physical activity is for children’s cognitive development

  • Many more studies on the importance of physical activity to learning

Healthy Snacks & Lunches

General Nutrition
  • Healthy Snack Ideas

  • More Snack Ideas

  • Vegetarian Snack Ideas

  • Nutrition Detectives

  • Chef Ann/ Lunch rooms

Healthy Classroom Celebrations

  • Briar Vista’s Garden Helpers

  • Briar Vista’s Garden Grant

  • Ideas for Parents for Alternative Non-food Classroom Celebrations

General Wellness

Mental Health
  • Positive Psychology in the Classroom

Research Study

  • The Case for Positive Education in the Classroom

  • The CDC’s Tips for Teachers

State & Private Programs for Helping Schools
  • Georgia Safe Routes to School

Sponsor of the Walk to School Days

  • DeKalb County’s Wellness Program

  • Let’s Move

  • Food Fight

helping schools with better food choices

  • Alliance for a Healthier Generation